Why You Must Use A Proform Treadmill

There are a ton of good treadmill brands out there, in fact we review a lot of them right here on this website. Nothing stands out in terms of popularity like a proform treadmill though.

We consistently find that people look to Proform treadmills when they want a great bang for their buck. This brand is notorious for giving as much features as possible without breaking the bank.

You might have different preferences though. Perhaps you want much cheaper treadmills with no features. Perhaps you are willing to spend more for extra cushioning and other luxuries. Or perhaps you do not need the ProForm specific features.

In this case, feel free to read some of our reviews on Precor treadmills, Weslo treadmills or Horizon Treadmills. And if you’re considering ellipticals, see our reviews on Epic ellipticals and Sole ellipticals.

Why do so many desire a ProForm treadmill though? “Feature-Rich Models”

There are many reasons that ProForm treadmills are popular. The main being the wealth of features at any given price point. Often even a medium-priced ProForm model will offer more features that even the more expensive treadmills from another brand. Take for example the medium-range Proform 1450 and just marvel at just some of the crazy cool features that it offers.

  • It has a 5 year warranty on parts and labor. That means that if anything at all goes wrong with the treadmill, it gets fixed or replaced for free. And the motor and frame come with a lifetime warranty. No, this is not an error, it is actually covered for life.
  • It comes with an impressive 10 inch Touchscreen screen powered by Android. It is not just there to allow you to control all the snazzy features and track your stats. It allows you to surf the web, pick Pandora radio stations, or entertain yourself in any way you desire while running.
  • It supports plugging in your MP3 player for adding your own music for the run
  • It actually folds, so that it takes up minimal space when not in use. You’re going to wonder how such a complex piece of equipment can fold so easily

If you were to guess, how would you price equipment with features like these?

Most people would never guess that this treadmill comes at around $1500, especially with that super-generous warranty. In fact, a lot more expensive treadmills lack some of these features, or charge extra for such a generous warranty.

proform pro 2000 treadmill

Now here’s the best part – the features above represent a small sampling of what this treadmill offers at that incredible price. To learn about all of the benefits check out the full review here.

And then there’s iFit – the most exciting technology coming to a treadmill near you

What if you could travel the world from the comfort of your home? What if you got to go jogging down the Alps one day, and then run on the outskirts of Paris the other day?

Thanks to Google Maps and some really clever engineering, this is getting close to reality. The engineers at iFit have collaborated with manufacturers like ProForm to build a system where a treadmill simulates real world environments on your actual treadmill.

This includes automatically adjusting the incline and speed of the treadmill. This provides for a realistic simulation of what it would be like to run the “real world” route you have chosen.

Using it couldn’t be any more simple. You just type in a location using the included Google Maps app and choose a route. It does all the rest for you!

running on my Proform

While iFit is not limited to ProForm treadmills, it is probably one of the favorite brands for iFit enthusiasts. If you watch the official iFit video, you’ll probably notice that they themselves are using a ProForm treadmill in their commercial.

What about cheaper models though?

Some of you might be saying “ok that all sounds good and well, but I don’t have $1500 lying around to put into a treadmill!”. And this is where it gets interesting. ProForm is known as offering the coolest features at any price point.

If we are to look at cheaper price points, we can just marvel at the 590T model. It might just be one of the cheapest models to support the full iFit experience, and still offer great quality at a good price.

Where does the ProForm fall short?

If you try to find any negative reviews or remarks about ProForm you’ll notice something peculiar. There is only one single facet about the brand that’s getting the bulk of negative attention. In fact, its as if though this brand has one single flaw. All of the negative reviews and experiences are concerning customer support (it used to be slow and unresponsive).

This is actually good news, as it means people are pleased with the company in general. The even better news is that the company admitted this issue and promised to pour a lot of resources into improving the customer service experience.

cute console

So far it seems to be working, as most negative reviews are quite old. We can’t seem to find any complaints about the company now. That doesn’t mean that ProForm is ideal or flawless, it just means that it no longer has any major flaws.

Why would you choose any other brand?

As you notice we review multiple brands on this website, and there is a reason for this. Not everybody is into the “maximum features for the price” thing. This is where considering other brands might come into play. Perhaps you’re ok with no internet browsing, a smaller screen and no iFit – and would rather trade it all for better joint protection and cushioning.

Another brand might have 6 features less for the same price as a ProForm model, but instead have that one feature you simply must have, for example a decline option.

ProForm seems to specialize in shoving as many of the most popular and cool features as possible at a given price point. You might be different than most people. In that case we recommend also reading some of the many other reviews we have on http://treadmillreviewers.net/.



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