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Sole F80 Treadmillsturdy, durable & reliable folding treadmill, made with commercial parts- very good warranty + lots of satisfied customers. Relatively quiet and great value offered.





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Today, it isn’t necessary to spend a great deal of money in order to purchase a treadmill that is loaded with features. In fact, the Sole F80 treadmill has just recently proven that. This machine, a part of the Sole treadmill family, offers speed, durability, and flexibility – all at an extremely reasonable price.

Sole is currently one of the fastest growing sports brands in the world. This particular treadmill has a rapidly growing fanbase. On shopping sites that are powered by customer reviews like Amazon the F80 has achieved a 4.5* rating. At the time of rating 59% of owners gave it a 5* rating. You can also purchase it interest free for 12 months.


Sole F80 Review Round Up

Sole treadmills are known for their durability – and the f80 model does not disappoint. This fold up treadmill comes with a strong tubular steel frame, so it is extremely stable. Because of this, the treadmill is able to support up to 375 pounds. Although this makes the treadmill somewhat heavier, the stability also helps with providing more support, in turn offering more of a gym quality workout.

If you’ve ever been on a rickety treadmill, or on one which feels like you re going through an earthquake when you up the tempo, you’ll appreciate the F80’s toughness.

All Sole treadmills look good too, their frames are coated with an epoxy powder protective paint, which provides a brilliant shine.  They quote their frames as being “indestructible” – due to them being welded as opposed to being bolted, and they reflect this by offering a lifetime warranty on the frame. If you are looking something tough, this is one of the best treadmills available under $2000.

Add to that Sole’s Cushion Flex Whisper deck suspension system that provides users with more knee and ankle support, so runners on the Sole F80 treadmill get the feel of being on a gym or hotel quality professional piece of equipment rather than a basic home treadmill.

cool sole f80 console

The beautiful looking dashboard console is very easy to use – even when in the midst of a heavy workout. Information such as Time, Distance Traveled, Speed, Incline, Calories Burned, Pace, and Pulse are displayed at all times. Speed and incline controls are also easily accessible so that they can be adjusted at any time throughout the workout.

In addition, users can also view a 1/4 mile track, as well as a Peak & Valley graph for different types of programs. For those who like to listen to music while working out, the Sole F80 machine also includes built in speakers, allowing for any type of Mp3 player hook up.



Sole F80 Treadmill Best Price Buy In $1500 Category

Numerous other Sole f80 treadmill reviews have noted this model as being the best machine in its particular price range. Notable remarks are it’s exceptional build quality + the current model has just been updated and now houses a wider deck measuring 22X 60 inches – one of the most spacious of any brand in 2016. It has a current Amazon rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Coming in at around $1,500 this model offers a variety of additional features in addition to its strength and stability.

And as we mentioned previously this is a folding treadmill. Its easy to fold up the treadmill after use for convenient storing. The easy assist system does all the work when you want to release the treadmill- flip the deck release and watch the folding hydraulics unfold the deck.


Additional Features

heart straps


On top of its basic features, you can also run up to six pre-set programs on this fold up treadmill, along with two heart rate programs, and two customizable programs. The Sole f80 has safety features to help ensure that you don’t become injured or overheated when working out. These include a large stop button and cooling fans. Arm rests are also included for additional stability and support if needed.



Sole Warranty

As with its other products, Sole offers a great warranty on its f80 treadmill. There is lifetime coverage offered for the machine’s deck, frame, and motor. In addition, there is 5-year coverage on electronics, and 2-year coverage on labor. This is a longer warranty than most other treadmill manufacturers provide – showing that Sole truly believes in their product and its durability.


About Sole Fitness

SOLE FITNESS started up only a few years ago and now their equipment can be seen in professional gyms and hotels all across America. They put commercial parts into their machines.  That is why they offer such long warranties. Plus they sell their machines at the medium price point- which offers great value for consumers – some manufactures are offering similar warranties but charging thousands more in the process.


Their Sole F80 represents how fiercely they pride their products and their reputation. It has a lot going for it. The last thing Sole want to do when they are breaking into the corporate health & fitness big league is to produce a badly designed treadmill to tarnish their reputation as a serious player. Combined with the support from hotel & gym chains, a lot of plaudits from verified owners of the F80 praise the robust quality of machine, the long belt length which allows users who have a longer leggy stride to never feel cramped during workouts. The strength of the motor and warranty gets a lot of praise as well.


Is it worth all the fuss? At the elite end of the big budget treadmill market you will get treadmills with a better cushioning system and with a quieter motor than the F80; although it’s relatively quiet for most but the discerning user, but you will need to spend another $1000-5000 for the privilege.



How the Sole F80 Stacks Up Against the Competition  

In comparing the fold up Sole f80 treadmill to other models in the same price bracket, it stacks up quite well. For example, the f80 comes with a 3.5 continuous horse power motor, whereas most others in the market at this price come with 2.5 -3.0. The Sole f80 comes with two heart rate monitors, whereas others come with only one.

One of the only real drawbacks that the f80 has is the large LCD screen that doesn’t have touch screen capability. This can make it somewhat difficult for the user, who is likely in the middle of a workout, to seek out the appropriate button and flick through the settings. But, once you’ve become accustomed to where each of the buttons are, it really isn’t an issue anymore.


Who Should Purchase This Folding Treadmill?

For those who are interested in getting a great workout, along with a few of the extra bells and whistles, then the f80 Sole treadmill may be a good fit. This treadmill offers strength and stability, along with a ton of features like pre-set and customizable workouts, an Mp3 port, and even arm rests for additional stability. Also, due to the machine’s capacity for a higher weight limit, it is ideal for bigger users.

Underneath the deck Sole have used 2.75 inch strengthened rollers. The larger surface area of the rollers commonly only found in premiere models creates a wider contact area with the belt, thus enabling much smoother belt traction motion, and the extra size and weight of the rollers prolongs the life of the belt. With details like this added into the Sole F80’s spec, you’ll appreciate the $1500 investment a little more.



In addition, because of the two-user modes that are built in, this particular machine is also a great model for households that have more than ofolding treadmill f80ne treadmill user, as each person is able to easily store their individual workout information.

Standing at approximately $1,500, you will truly be getting a durable machine that will last a long time – and, if for some reason it doesn’t, Sole provides a top notch warranty. When ready to make a purchase, check online sources like Amazon, as you likely get the Sole f80 treadmill there at the best online price.

We like

  • High weight capacity
  • Sturdiness
  • 15 incline levels – adjustable from arm rests!
  • Run up to 12 mph, treadmill comfortably reaches this speed – if you can
  • Folds ups and locks in place
  • Cooling fans
  • Heavy duty flywheel enables a low starting speed of 0.5 mph and keeps the motor running cooler
  • Peak & Valley Graph
  • Built In Speakers
  • 22″ X 60″ running deck- suitable for wider stances and longer strides
  • Powerful motor – 3.5 CHP
  • 2 Ply Belt – double woven 2 ply belts will last longer than budget single ply treadmills
  • Great warranty – lifetime on frame, motor & deck, 2 years on labor and cool 5 years on electronics


Could Improve on

  • 10 workout programs – could have added a few more workout programs for variety
  • No iFit – sometimes you expect this luxury once you hit the $1500 price point for a treadmill
  • Can be a little slow to increase/decrease speed – if you want to rapidly adjust speed for interval training look elsewhere
  • Console can be a little difficult to read
  • Console and controls are a little low – users over 6ft may have to stoop a little to adjust
  • Speakers could have had more power – sound a little thin
  • Cooling fans as in previous point could have more power- also angled a bit low
  • Heart rate handles are oddly placed in pre 2014 models- Sole has fixed this in 2014 model release
  • Arm rests are very low to use when running – seems Sole has gotten a few height issues wrong with the pre 2014 release.


The Bottom Line

Overall, the Sole f80 treadmill is extremely versatile, durable, and reliable. Because of this, you can expect it to last for a long time – even if you regularly put it to the test. Sole reflect this with the comforting 5 year warranty. There is no way they’d be able to offer this if they hadn’t supplied the F80 with commercial grade parts.

This machine is built to carry an extra heavy weight load, so it can definitely handle regular high intensity workouts. It has toughened steel and a 2 ply treadbelt which will also ensure its longevity. Sole have done well in the hotel and commercial gym sector, and they have followed Precor by putting the same high grade components into their treadmills aimed at the home market.

Like Precor they have spent their efforts making sure the treadmill is up to scratch. With toughened and precision engineered parts and intelligent thinking, they have focused on the workout experience and the life of the machine.

Another bonus that tall users will appreciate, and those of you who like to use a long running stride is the 60″ running deck length. Sole were one of the first to offer such a spacious deck for home treadmills. You’ll never feel cramped on this.

While it may be a tad noisier than some of the other more expensive treadmills, the Sole f80 treadmill will provide you with the quality – and the results – that you would otherwise get from any other higher priced machine.



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