Sole E25 Elliptical – A New Standard In Ellipticals

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Sole E25 Quick Preview- built from sturdier and heavier materials you would normally find in higher cost ellipticals. We like the feel of the inward slope footpedals which limit stress on the ankles and knee joints. Incline slope and rear motion a welcome feature. Consistent & reliable.


Overall, Sole Fitness ellipticals have set the standard for years as being durable, flexible, and priced right as compared to the other brands that are available in the marketplace today. They are the same brand used exclusively by The Hilton group of hotels. That’s a massive endorsement as these hotels offer the best in quality.

While they may not set the world on fire with an overabundance of features, if it’s a good solid workout that you’re looking for, without breaking the bank, then look no further than this quality piece of exercise equipment.

This is the entry level machine in Sole’s E Class. At the other end of the price scale there is the award winning Sole E95 but that will set you back about $1500 more unless it’s on special offer.

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Sole E25 Sets The Standard

The Sole e25 elliptical machine has built up a reputation for providing a thorough upper and lower body workout unlike a treadmill which generally only works the lower body and cardio in general. The E25 weighs in at just under the $1,000 price point. Fun to use, the machine features a simple to navigate dashboard with brightly lit, and easy-to-read display.

This entry level machine sets the standard for all ellipticals to follow. It is based on good design standards, has enough gear ratios to provide a challenging workout, and its built with strong components.

The machine also features a stationary set of handle bars that include pulse sensors that monitor your heart rate. If you enjoy listening to music while working out, you can hook in any Mp3 player directly to the elliptical, so it’s a breeze to work out to your favorite music, book, or other audio program.

It’s also easy to see that Sole put a lot of thought regarding user comfort into the e25’s design, too. For example, the oversized foot pedals on the e25 allow for much less stress on the knees. They were also designed with an inward slope which is kinder on the ankles.

The drive system is also extremely quiet which allows you to focus on your workout and not become distracted with that clunking sound found in badly built ellipticals. In addition, the machine offers a 20-inch stride. This helps taller users find an evenly paced free flowing stride, so it can be an ideal option for anyone who has long legs or is up to 6ft 7 inches.


Sole E25         Sole E25 Review          Sole E25 Elliptical

As compared to some of the other Sole elliptical products, this particular Sole elliptical has been built on a more compact and smaller frame – although it uses a large flywheel for providing the user with the feeling of inertia when really picking up momentum in their workout. The heavy flywheel also helps stabilize the machine as it adds extra weight.

You are able to choose from 16 different levels of ECB resistance, along with 30 different degrees of incline for customizing exactly how difficult you want to make a particular climb.

Some of the best features about this machine include the fact that it is extremely efficient – including its easy fit into small, compact spaces for quick storage. It also provides an excellent value for the price.


E25 console


Additional Features

Although the machine has pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring, there is also an additional heart rate chest strap included for those who seek more accurate figures. There is also a built in cooling fan that keeps you from simmering over during hard workouts.



The warranty that is offered on the Sole Fitness E25 includes 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor should anything go wrong with the elliptical machine. This is better than most of the standard one-year across the board manufacturer’s warranties that are provided by many other elliptical machine brands.


How the Sole Elliptical E25 Stacks Up Against the Competition

In other Sole e25 elliptical review sites, this particular machine has been deemed as the standard by which all other elliptical workout models have been based – and this appears to be true. Because of its wide range of features, it is easy to keep coming back to this one to compare. sole workout

One of the features that has come up for debate with this particular machine is its front drive. Some elliptical users tend to prefer a rear drive system as it tends to operate more smoothly. Front drive systems can tend to wobble as the weight of the user travels over the front of the machine. Sole have addressed this though with two heavy rails at the back of the machine, and increasing the diameter of the rest of the frame. The machine also utilizes a heavy flywheel which again helps stabilize the machine, and keeps the parts turning in a fluid fashion. This also stops the machine from feeling “steppy” like old stairmasters and keeps the foot pedals turning in a more circular motion.

One thing that the E25 has that many other elliptical machines don’t have is the power incline. This, along with the additional weight capacity that this machine holds (350lb), gives it a bit of an edge over many machines in its category – and especially in its price point. The machine is also made with toughened steel with a diameter of 38mm.

Who Should Consider Purchasing This Workout Machine?

Results, results……..When considering the ideal workout, it is important to factor in how exactly you will achieve your results – and, if you will actually enjoy doing so, you are much more likely to keep up with your workouts. This is an enjoyable machine, it’s smooth, sturdy and with the varying high gear ratio’s it offers a great workout. Plus it has the audio speakers so you can listen to some music for motivation.

You should ideally consider purchasing the Sole e25 if you are seeking a complete workout. You get a good upper and lower body workout at a great value. At right around $1,000 you can forgo the gym membership, yet still attain the results you want at home.

Given the additional stride space, this Sole elliptical will also be good for someone who is taller. With more room to move, this machine offers a more fluid workout than some of the other models that are available out on the market today.


  • 16 levels of resistance
  • 20-22in stride length- can adjust to suit if you are taller
  • 10 programs
  • Large 15in foot pedals designed with physical therapist – have a 2° inward slope to reduce stress on joints
  • Forward & Reverse Motion
  • Whisper Drive Quiet System- eliminates machine noise
  • Heavy Flywheel
  • Heavy Duty Rear Stabilizing Rails
  • 350lb Weight Capacity
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – courtesy of hand grip sensors and included chest strap
  • Bright lit 6.5in LCD
  • Power incline – can adjust angle up to a 30º slope
  • Powered speakers
  • On-board Cooling Fans
  • Bottle Holder
  • Warranty- Lifetime on frame-3 years on parts-1 year on labor

Our Verdict

Overall, the Sole e25 elliptical is a great buy for the price. Priced at just $1,000 this machine is stable and durable, yet not too expensive for a home workout machine that may or may not be used on a day to day basis. It is also a joy to look at, and will fit comfortably in any room as it is only 67 inches wide and 30 inches tall.

In the past the Sole E25 had a lot of complaints from customers that it would jump track due to the rails being different widths. Sole appear to have fixed this problem to their credit and the rails are now the same width apart. In it’s price range you have the Epic A30E which we feel is not as smooth or as quiet as the Sole elliptical.

Sole is known for offering good quality workout products. The company has a good reputation, and its customer service is top notch – even if you do run across an issue or have a concern.

What We Like

  • Created a new standard base for Elliptical machines
  • Lots of features for the price
  • Tough Components
  • Provides Good Workout
  • Power Incline
  • Fluid Motion
  • Heart sensors/chest strap
  • Great reliability

What We Don’t

  • Front drive might throw off a few rear drivers but we find this isn’t a problem
  • Close to max weight it can rock a little according to some owners
  • In a small number of units which has now been fixed, there was a problem with a bushing in the pedals that made an annoying squeak – it doesn’t affect performance though. Sole customer service can offer a replacement bushing.
  • Be careful about over lubricating the pedals, as some have been known to pop out. Thankfully Sole’s customer service have instructions on how to fix this should you apply too much lubricant

Sole E25 Vs Sole E35

Sole’s next model the E35 has a few additional features and can handle a heavier person with a wider stance for a few hundred dollars more – you don’t get cushioned foot pedals though.


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