Precor 9.35 Treadmill Review – King Of The Treadmill World?




Precor 9.35 at a glancehigh end commercial treadmill with high end features and outstanding 10 year warranty. Extremely comfortable on the body, silky smooth motor and belt-incline and decline features, multi user ids. Professional grade treadmill.



Throughout the years, treadmills have come a long way from just providing a simple speed INCREASE/DECREASE button. Today, these machines offer numerous features that can enhance and customize workouts, providing fitness enthusiasts with results they never before thought possible. One company Precor produces treadmills of the finest quality. They use premium parts, and have probably the best cushioning of any treadmill, beating even those models that cost several thousands more.


The Precor 9.35 is the Flagship model in Precor’s home series range. This is the most expensive model in our treadmill reviews range. Hovering right around the $5,000 price point, represents a significant investment, it will not disappoint even the most serious runner. Precor machines are known for their fluidity and smoothness. It even has individual shock absorbers that cushion impact. They invest their specialties into the user experience rather than the user’s entertainment.


Precor’s main focus is more about the performance, the joy of running, rather than the modern art of distracting you from the fact you are working out.


Hence you get quiet machines that operate like silk gloves. They glide rather than thump along in an irregular fashion like in some cheaper machines- they won’t force your limbs and muscles to dance to an off beat clattering rhythm. That’s thanks to its impressive Footplant technology. But more on that later.


The top of the line treadmill 9.35 model is the machine of choice in Hotels, Gyms and Health Clubs. This professional grade machine offers reliability and advanced treadmill technology – offering the ultimate in features to make workouts much more enjoyable. Each time you use it, it will greet you and ask you if you want to perform your last workout.


This machine offers a top speed of 12-mph. Its 22-by-56-inch belt allows even the tallest of users to enjoy a comfortable stride. There are some treadmills now offering 60 inches in length, but Precor offers 2 inches more width with the 9.35, allowing it to accommodate runners with a wider running stance.


With 21 preset and two additional custom workout programs, the machine is quite versatile, ensuring you never become bored with their workout routine. It even has a password protect to prevent the machine being used.


This is the only model in the Precor range to offer a decline function as well. Push your body to the limit as you simulate a run downhill.


Many key fitness and running sites have stated that the 9.35 model is the king of the treadmill world – and they would not be incorrect. In fact, when you factor in variety, flexibility, and durability – the 9.35 has it all. Some of the key features that stand out about this machine include:


  • Track Cushioning System – Precor’s track cushioning system provides more firmness where users tend to push off and land. This helps runners to feel less fatigued following workouts, as well as less likely to become injured due to the additional cushioned surface.


  • Footplant Technology – Precor also has its own patented technology that actually responds to the way in which users plant their feet when they are running. In order to reduce the sense of drag, sensors on the treadmill help to adjust the track literally hundreds of times each second. This essentially will ease the stress on ligaments and joints, providing a better workout overall – including that of your internal organs like heart and lungs.


  • Track Incline – Over the years, incline training has become another way to increase workout intensity and engage more muscles groups whilst running on the treadmill. With this feature, Precor allows the 9.35 model to tile up to 15% and down to -2%. This results in recruiting more muscle tissue, which in turn burns calories more quickly. It also helps to relieve the pressure on knees – a common issue for those who frequently use treadmills for working out.


Additional Features

In addition to its standard features, this model comes with a handgrip heart-rate monitor that is compatible with wireless syncing from chest straps, as well as certain other types of transmitters.


The Precor 9.35 treadmill also provides a workout log feature, as well as four user IDs so that more than one person can enter and store their workout information. This makes it convenient if several people in the family want to customize their own individual workout plans or store their workout histories.


Amazing Warranty

Unlike just about any other treadmill out there in the marketplace today, this machine has an absolutely incredible warranty. On labor, the treadmill has a fairly standard one year. However, owners receive an unheard of ten years of protection on parts, and a lifetime warranty on the machine’s frame. That shows that Precor truly stands behind this product.


How the Precor 9.35 Treadmill Stacks Up Against the Competition

When compared to the competition, the Precor tends to have a nice edge. For example, take the Scifit AC5000M. This model, which typically sells for about $2,000 more than the Precor, offers many of the same features – without a whole lot more – other than a maximum user weight of 550 and a low start speed of .1 mph. Even the warranty on the more expensive Scifit product is only 5 years for frame and drive system.


Where it falls down is in terms of wireless technology features. You can’t hook up the console to iFit. This may be a good or bad thing depending on your outlook of getting online when you are on a treadmill. But think about it this way, when you got to a hotel or gym how many of you use iFit to enhance your training schedule? Not vary many.


iFit costs a premium per month for the fully functional version, so it isn’t free. Do you want to pay over 5K for a treadmill and then pay a monthly subscription to iFit? If so check out the much cheaper freemotion treadmills. If you want to spend the extra on a treadmill made with superior parts, with sensors that respond to your running style and with amazing cushioning, then the 9.35 is for you.


Precor Treadmill News

Quick update – As of March 2014 Precor have launched into providing the hotel and health spa industry with an entertainment feature. It is currently not available as of yet to the home market. They are integrating over 100 tv channels into their consoles for guests at hotels to use.


One can only assume this and an internet connection will be added to their console upgrades in the very near future.



The $5000+ price tag will put it out of reach of most except the affluent. But you can get the Precor 9.23 which has less features, but the same premium part and quality ethos for under $2000.


As far as recommendations from previous 9.35 customers go, this treadmill receives an average of 4 stars on Amazon. It receives great plaudits for being sturdy, it’s high spec features and the reliability and extremely smooth running feel. The only real negatives came in the form of it being too heavy to move later if you hadn’t a room set up for it on delivery, and the problems getting it delivered in through a house doorway as the box is nearly 7ft tall.


Who Should Consider Buying This Precor Treadmill?

Because of its size, this treadmill is a good choice for those who are tall. Likewise, due to its substantial number of “bells and whistles,” it is certainly a wonderful pick for anyone who is a regular treadmill user, and / or workout enthusiast who wants to be surrounded with the latest and greatest  treadmill technology on offer.

precor runner

Take me for a walk

In addition, because this treadmill is also known for being extremely low maintenance, it will be a good buy for those who aren’t fond of tinkering with machinery. While some folks enjoy “checking under the hood,” this treadmill provides you with the worry-free option of doing its job, and then being ready for you again next time without a lot of curious sounding bumps and rattles.

This product is also likely a good fit for someone who is settled. Due to its heavy weight, the machine is extremely durable – yet, it is also fairly difficult to move. Therefore, if you move frequently, then you may be better choosing a more flexible, lighter folding treadmill. If, however, you are staying put for a while, this is definitely the way to go – especially since Precor includes both delivery and assembly of the product in its price.


This Precor Commercial Treadmill is Built To Last

Precor put outstanding commercial parts into their machines that will last the distance. That’s why Precor treadmill prices remain high.  For instance, they use 1 inch thick laminated fibreboard in their running deck. Not only is this extremely tough, but with a bit of tinkering it can be flipped to double it’s lifespan. The interior flywheel also has a built in cooling fan that is designed to keep the running temperature of it low, so that it prolongs the life.


Apart from details like this and little things like the metal rails and parts being coated with a premium topcoat, everything you see on this treadmill has been made of quality, solid and heavy components. The last thing Precor want is to get a name for producing expensive, yet short life treadmills, that will end up as bedroom or office furniture. Which of course they don’t. Everything is made for longevity.


The Bottom Line

Overall, we are in agreement with the majority of Precor customers that tout the 9.35’s ease of use and durability. This machine seems to be one of the very best home treadmills that is available on the market today. While in some ways it may provide too much in terms of features, it has an absolutely awesome feel for those who love to run, walk, jog, or anything in between.


For those who are diligent about tracking, this machine will also engage in recording the finest details of your workout, including logging your workout history. Therefore, given all of that, coupled with the company’s outstanding product warranty, this treadmill is an ideal option for those who are serious about their workouts over the long term. It’s all about performance – that of the machine and you.


The only negative is the cost, which will drive some people out of it’s range, but you definitely get what you pay for, and the 9.35 shows it. Weight may be an issue for those of you that need to clear an area for workouts, and then fold the treadmill away. Although if you have the room space, and don’t plan to move your treadmill this is the cream of the crop. And those clever folks at Precor have thought of it all, they even have a Space Planner on their site that allows you to view a blueprint of the room you intend to use it in. Proper customer thought.



  1. Durability
  2. Warranty
  3. Comfort- joint, muscle and internal organ protection
  4. Multitude of preset programs -5k run, 10k, Weight loss, you can also beat your personal best speed or distance
  5. 15% incline + decline feature
  6. Footplant technology
  7. High Grade Materials
  8. Brilliant back lit led display
  9. Big easy push buttons on the display console
  10. Heart rate training program



  1. No HDTV or built in sound system
  2. belt length only 56″ – could have been longer to give taller individuals more running length
  3. high price- although has more to offer than more expensive models
  4. heavy beast- thanks in part to strong components- but you won’t want to move it too often (although has transport wheels to aid pushing)
  5. Treadmill will come to an abrupt halt when engaging the “stop” button, as opposed to gently slowing down
  6. Although the warranty on parts lasts 10 years you’ll still have to pay for a technician to come out and run a diagnostics test if anything goes wrong
  7. No easy fold system
  8. Motor could be more powerful for the price
  9. Not compatible with iFit
  10. No iPod dock

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