Freemotion Treadmill – Which Is Best For You?

If you want to spice up your run on a treadmill, then interactivity is the way to go. Freemotion treadmills take the boring out of working out. Think:

  • HD touch screens
  • Internet browsing
  • Built in personal training programs,Online competitions,
  • Runs through your neighborhood,
  • Runs through Milan, Cape Town, New York, Rio, Barcelona.

Compete with training partners, browse Twitter, FB or read the New York times as you work out. Get rid of the drudgery of a boring training routine by following the stunning HD workouts filmed in Hawaii with motivational trainer Jillian Michaels. If that’s not enough plug into iFit and plan your running course against anyone anywhere in the world courtesy of Google maps. Who says treadmills are boring?

But is that all FreeMotion treadmills have to offer? In this particular review we have looked at 3 models in the Freeemotion Treadmill range.


Freemotion 750 Interactive Treadmill




First of all, the Freemotion 750 Interactive Treadmill has a good walking area. Measuring 20 x 60 inches, it provides you with enough room for making large strides when you run. As for the motor, it is more than adequate with this model producing 3.25 CHP. But what sets this apart is its cushioning system. The 750 provides something called surface response suspension which is designed to protect your back and legs from impact. In fact, Freemotion built it in to this treadmill to help reduce fatigue. Hence, you can run for longer periods of time, and feel fresh the day after your workout.


Here are the specifications for the Freemotion 750 Interactive Treadmill:


  • Commercial Grade Treadbelt
  • Dimensions: 20 x 60 inches in width
  • 3.25 CHP Commercial Pro Motor
  • Comes with full-length cushioning for extra comfort – less stress on knees & joints
  • Features Patented EasyLift Spacesave Assist which enables one push easy lift storage
  • SRS Surface Response Suspension (SRS) also incorporates full-length cushioning
  • Compatible with iFit Live
  • Automated workout downloads
  • 24 built-in workouts
  • Can build tailor made custom fitness programs
  • Online profile enabled
  • Comes with Intermix Acoustics 3.0 sound system wired in with 3 inch high-excursion drivers
  • Maximum User Capacity: 350 lbs
  • 15% incline, -3% decline, and 0-12 MPH speed range
  • Warranty on frame and motor (lifetime), parts (5 years), and labor (2 years)


All in all the 750 provides a great entry into the world of the internet, iFit, audio entertainment and workout diversity and comfort. The incline plus the fabulous decline slope provides your muscles with extra stimulus. Priced around the $1500 mark it also is of rugged build and has a decent powered motor. Another factor that makes this a good deal at $1500 is the warranty.

5 years on parts is really good, and not many manufacturers also supply 2 years on labor costs. Most including the top line manufactures only supply 1 year. Treadmill parts cost hundreds of pounds. When you fix one part something else can give up a well. Factor that in with cheap treadmills that cost $800 or under like the Horizon T101 (see our Horizon T101 treadmill review) or the Horizon T202. Two years later when the warranty has well and truly bitten the dust you might have to spend another $500 just to keep it going.  Then 12 months later the same happens again….


Freemotion 775 Interactive Treadmill




The Freemotion 775 Treadmill provides premiere entertainment, innovative technology, and fitness features in one amazing piece of machinery. If you want to watch your favorite shows while you run, this model comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and a built-in web browser. And like many of its other models, this comes with built-in HD workouts that fit your personal needs. So, why hit the gym and get a coach when the Freemotion 775 Treadmill provides you with your own trainer at no extra cost?


The following are the product specifications and features:


  • Running surface: 60in L x 20in W
  • Dual grip heart monitors will keep you in your target heart rate zone
  • Max weight capacity is raised to 375 lbs
  • Dimensions: 83in L x 36in W x 73.5in H
  • Assembled weight: 360 lbs
  • 20 inch x 60 inch Treadbelt surface area
  • Fitted out with Low Noise Surface Response Suspension (SRS)
  • Full length cushioning provides running comfort and protection for joints
  • 1-Step Speed Control delivering: 0-12 MPH
  • One push Incline Range Control goes from 0-15%
  • One push Decline Range Control 3-0 %
  • 7in full color touch screen display with Android browser
  • WIFI Internet enabled
  • iFit display allows time, distance, heart rate, calorie, and progress monitoring
  • 34 built-in workout apps
  • Built-in iFit technology
  • HD video workouts
  • Same lifetime and motor warranty + 5 years on parts and 2 on labor



The 775 has a few more upgrades than the 750. It has more workout programs than the 750 and features a 7” touch screen. It’s suspension system offers slightly less noise than the 750. It also has 1 step incline and decline. It lacks the built in sound system of the 750 but instead offers ipod connectivity. It is priced around $1500.



Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill – BEST BUY




The 790 is our recommended best buy.

Its main strength is the stability it provides the user. It’s made from a powerful motor and is built with quality parts. And like many other Freemotion Interactive Treadmills, this boasts of ruggedness. It cushions your back and legs for long duration exercises. Hence, you don’t need to worry about keeping your workouts quick and short.


The 790 is built with premium integrated connectivity in mind. Online browsing is easier whilst you run courtesy of the larger 10” touch screen, and the 15in HDTV provides enhanced viewing. The motor is also more powerful and it comes complete with a cooling fan. It retails in around the $2000 mark. Impressive.


Here are the Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill features:


  • 4.2 CHP Commercial Pro Motor -The Freemotion 790 has one of the most powerful motors you will find in a treadmill under $2100. The mighty Precor 9.35 costs over twice the price and has a 3.0 CHP motor.
  • Dual-grip easy reach heart rate monitoring levers & wireless polar chest strap
  • 15 inche High-Definition TV
  • 10 inches Full-Color Touch Screen running Android internet browser
  • 2 HD video workouts filmed in exotic locations
  • running deck area measures 20″ x 60″ – treadbelt layer consists of commercial 2-Ply grade
  • Trademarked SpaceSaver storage featuring Easy Lift Assist
  • Built in iFit Live Technology – choose any virtual place in the world to map your workout to
  • Train along with fitness expert Jillian Michaels
  • Program competitions with training partners friends or members of family
  • Non-flexing 3 inch precision engineered rear roller
  • iPod plug in music port
  • 0-12 MPH speed range
  • 36 available workout apps to choose from
  • CoolAire workout fan
  • Capacity: 375 lbs
  • -3-0% 1-step decline control – treadmill will automatically adjust using iFit
  • 0-15% 1-step incline control – treadmill will automatically perform adjustments in iFit mode
  • Warranty is the same standard – 2 years labor- 5 years on parts and lifetime on the frame and motor

Great warranty, one of the strongest motors on the market, loads of apps, incline/decline, foldable, suitable for running, 15 inch HD tv, good cushioning, absolutely amazing that FreeMotion crammed all this in and sell it for $2k.


About the Company

Freemotion Treadmills are made by Icon Health & Fitness. They make an enormous range of treadmills and fitness equipment. When it comes to treadmill brands, the Freemotion name has garnered lots of positive reviews and is considered to be one of the best treadmill manufacturers in the industry. The machines have been designed by over 200 engineers that help Icon craft their products. Hence, you can only imagine the design that’s put into all the products.


Moreover, Icon is considered to be one of the largest fitness equipment producers in the world. They garner billions in sales every year and in terms of stability, these treadmills are built to last. With that in mind, and the scope for entertainment and expanding your workout beyond the treadmill, these models they make offer value for money.



If you want a good treadmill that will last, and one that has a good warranty, you are going to have to spend over $1000. This is something each of these 3 models excel in. These are cheap treadmills – for that see the likes of the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill. But as you can see, each Freemotion treadmill comes with its own set of strengths to fit your lifestyle.

The decline slope is a great feature as a lot of treadmills only offer an incline slope at most. This will challenge your body and fresh your mind from boring run of the mill workouts. Add in a HD workout or movie and you’ll be entertained as long as your legs hold out.

They are also good in terms of reliability and durability, the 790 our recommended best buy, wins on entertainment and motor capabilities but costs more, but the 750 also provides enough to keep you going with iFit functionality.

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