Treadmill Reviews 2014 – Find The Best Treadmills For Sale

Welcome to Treadmill We have extensive treadmill reviews on the leading brands ranging from the budget to the premiere top line models. Our aim is to show you the best treadmills for sale. Want a Proform Treadmill but not sure which? – go to our Proform section.We even have elliptical and indoor cycle bike reviews. To get you up and running with your new toy we also have lots of treadmill workouts to browse.

What’s The Best Treadmill For Home Use?

Working out at home or the office has gone all hi-tec. The market for home use treadmills has exploded. You can now see treadmills for sale in your local sports stores. Mass production means prices have dropped. You’d be surprised what you can get for under $500. You get what you pay for, they say, right? Yes and no. If you want to find the best treadmill for home style training you can’t always believe the hype. Whichtreadmill reviews is where we come in. Our treadmill reviews list the good points about a particular brand and the bad points. If you are going to invest in a home workout partner, you want to make sure it’s not a turkey.

We’ve combined an extensive ever growing compilation of reviews that take all the guesswork out of buying a home treadmill, elliptical or spin bike. We even look at the customer service and business end of the company as well as treadmill prices. We also track feedback from thousands of customers, as well as checking the models for quality of parts, features, comfort, warranty and price point.


Want A Good Treadmill For Running On?

Most of our treadmill reviews will let you know whether you have the best home treadmill for running on, or whether it’s for light use. Some of the cheaper models won’t stand up to the rigorous demands that a runner will put it through. Serious runners need a solid responsive machine. We’ll show you what ones will last the distance.


Reviews of The Best Performing Treadmills For Sale

We aim to bring you the best treadmill deals, along with the highest performing models across all price ranges. Whether you want a no frills cheap treadmill, something for advanced interval training, or a compact or portable treadmill, we have reviewed and picked out the best treadmills for home use.

Buying a treadmill is an investment in your health and it is also one that can take a toll on your finances. If you buy a model that has been made with inferior parts, you can expect to shell out a lot more on treadmill repairs and spare parts. Not to mention the frustration of not being able to exercise when it’s down.


Advantages of Reading Our Treadmill Reviews

There are lots of ways and exercise systems to work out at home with, but the one that still ranks as the most popular form of home exercise is running on the treadmill. These machines have come a long way over the years. So, if you’re in the market to purchase one, it is important to read some thorough treadmill reviews prior to choosing what may at first appear to be the perfect workout partner.

Buying a treadmill can actually be like purchasing a new piece of furniture. These machines can come in all different sizes, shapes, and price points – as well as with numerous features and benefits. So, one of the first things that you must do is determine exactly what it is that you want your treadmill to do for you.

For example, will this be something that you will use every day, or just as a back up to another type of workout that you currently take part in? Likewise, you will also need to come up with an approximate budget, as treadmills can range in price anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. If you want luxury check out our Precor 9.35 treadmill review. For budget see the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill review, perhaps the best cheap treadmill on the market. For something at an entry level price with loads of features see our review of the Horizon T101 treadmill or our Healthrider H55t treadmill review. By studying our reviews you will find the best inexpensive treadmill for your budget.

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Stability / Flexibility

One of the first things you should do when shopping for a treadmill is take a “test run.” All treadmills are different. Therefore, going out and testing out a few models will really help you to get a better idea of how they work, how the arm rail placements feel, and how to operate the additional options like the heart rate monitor.

As well as reading our treadmill reviews we also recommend you get to know your treadmill physically if you can. Online might be the best place to buy a treadmill in terms of choice and price, but if you have never stepped on a particular brand of treadmill, trying one out is recommended.

When testing out the machines, be sure to turn up the belt to the running speed that you are likely to use most. This will help you to make a true determination of just how sturdy – or not – the treadmill is. You should also try other features like rolling and folding the machine to test out its flexibility.


Short On Space?  Check Out Our Folding Treadmill Reviews

folding treadmill - it's compactIn addition to the features that you can use while working out on the treadmill, you should also consider how the machine will fit into your home. In other words, how much space do you have? If you live in a small apartment or other tight space, a treadmill with a folding deck should be your best bet.

Folding treadmills have decks that actually fold up into the arms of the treadmill when the machine isn’t being used. This can free up quite a bit of space. There are a number of high quality folding treadmills available on the market today. If you want a small compact treadmill, folding is the way to go.


Price – Are There Any Good Cheap Treadmills?

Just as with making any other major purchase, you will need to have a budget in mind prior to purchasing your new treadmill. There are numerous price points that treadmills fall into – but at the low end of the market the sturdiest cheap treadmills will typically start at around $600. Depending on how often you plan to use the machine, you may want to add more into the budget if you’re looking for more stability. For the luxurious end of the market start at the base level with the Precor 9.23.


Are All Treadmills Created Equal?

When shopping for a treadmill, it may be easy to notice that many of these machines now come with additional “bells and whistles.” Gone are the days of having just a simple On and Off switch to get the belt moving.

Now, treadmill users can do just about anything from customizing a jogging route through the Rocky Mountains to listening to a symphony through their MP3 player – all while working off the pounds.

Some of the most popular features that you will find on today’s treadmill models include the following:

  • Heart Monitors – A heart monitor can offer a great way to track the intensity of your workout. In addition, it can also monitor your overall cardiovascular fitness. Some treadmills come with a chest strap heart monitor that will track the user’s heart rate and display the bpm’s on the screen during the workout. These machines will typically also be able to track the number of calories that the user is burning up as well.


  • Incline & Decline Adjusters – In the past, manual treadmills usually just provided a flat surface with a moving belt to run on. Now, though, incline adjusters help users to get more of a true feel of running. A deck that inclines will actually tilt up and down, simulating a run up and / or down hills. This can vary the work out, as well as give it more intensity, ultimately burning more calories. More high spec incline treadmills will have a decline function as well which stimulates additional sets of muscles and is useful when your treadmill is simulating real terrain.


  • Training Programs – Today’s treadmills will also provide users with different training programs. Some are already pre-programmed into the machine, and others allow you to input customized workouts into the treadmill. These programs can be used to fine tune fitness goals, as well as make the workout more exciting and less mundane.


  • iFit Training – treadmills with wireless connectable consoles can make use of iFit® training programs. Combined with Google maps you can actually simulate a real run in any part of the planet. If you’re treadmill has incline/decline features it will automatically rise up and down to match the geography of the programmed route. Combine that with the ability to take part in online competitions with real people and you have state of the art target training, amusement and entertainment.


  • Warranty – A long warranty not only displays manufacturer support and confidence, but it also will put your mind at rest. If you can afford it, its worth paying more for a longer warranty. If you can’t you may end up spending it anyway ordering replacement parts. Not to mention the wait, the hassle, and possibly paying for a technician to install them. This is one USP to look out for. The top treadmills come with 5 year warranties. This means the treadmill has also been made with long lasting high grade parts.



Treadmill Reviews & Comparisons

Once you have read our treadmill reviews and comparisons, you should be in a much better position to make a decision regarding the treadmill that is find the best treadmills for salebest for your home or gym. Although you may have tested out some models in a store, however, buying a treadmill online will likely be your best option in terms of price.

Oftentimes, you will be able to get a reduced price for purchasing your treadmill via the Internet. In addition, most online retailers will also provide free, or greatly reduced, shipping options. You can also purchase used treadmills and professionally refurbished treadmills on Amazon. This is a good option if you want a good value treadmill but don’t want to shell out for the full price. Be sure to start checking our wide range of treadmill reviews to get a feel for the best treadmill you can use for home workouts. We strive to take all the guesswork out of buying your perfect workout partner.

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